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Online Counseling for Your Busy Lifestyle

You’ve thought about starting therapy, but it never seems to fit into your schedule. You know that counseling will help you feel better in the long-term, but the short-term logistics of making time to leave work and family for a therapy appointment seem to keep it just out of reach. When you find a moment to reflect on what’s important, you know that putting yourself first is not selfish, it’s self-care. How can you continue to support the important people in your life if you’re not prioritizing your own health physically, emotionally and mentally?

You know it’s time to see a therapist, but how will you fit it into your already busy day?

Acuity Counseling Can Help.

There is a way to take time out for yourself and connect with a counselor who can give you the support you need! Acuity Online Counseling (sometimes called Telemental Health) allows you to connect with your therapist online, through secure video conferencing. Research shows that telemental health has all the same benefits and efficacy as traditional in-person therapy, but with the convenience of meeting from the comfort of your home or office.

Online counseling gives you the opportunity to explore things in life that may be presenting challenges without having to further complicate your daily schedule by traveling to your therapist’s office. It a great way to engage in your own self-care, while gaining tools to help you better handle negative thoughts, painful feelings, difficult relationships, home and work stress. Just as we do in traditional in-person counseling, telemental health removes the barriers that are keeping you from seeking help and making positive changes in your life.

Life today is busy… maybe too busy. It’s easy to be overwhelmed but the stress can leave you caught in the hamster wheel of the day to day, constantly running in place making no real progress. When this happens, we can feel stuck and like there’s no choice but to just keep going. But there is a way to start making the change today. You simply need a modern approach to the busy-ness of your modern lifestyle.

Acuity Online Counseling

Telemental health is a great fit for individuals seeking to build a flexible relationship with their therapist. If you travel out of town frequently for work, can’t easily make time for driving to your therapist’s office in your busy schedule or simply want to feel safe in your own space while working on personal struggles, video counseling can be the solution you have been looking for.

All you need to get started is a computer, tablet or cell phone with a camera and microphone and access to the internet.

Acuity Counseling currently offers individual Online Video sessions to residents of Washington state only.

Please call 206-910-9476 or email Scheduling to set up your first appointment.

To learn more about telemental health, here is current information on the field and benefits of online health.



Save time driving to and from sessions, or Continue sessions with your therapist even when you’re out of town. With online counseling, there’s no need to cancel sessions due to weather or illness. Work with a therapist who specializes in your needs, no matter where you are.


Most users report that they prefer online video therapy sessions over traditional therapy – and many show improvement after just a few weeks


Many users would not seek therapy if it weren’t for online sessions which are 100% confidential and private. Perfect for those whom seek confidentiality in public or community.


Acuity Online Counseling is typically 20% less than an office visit.


Acuity Counseling therapists are licensed and experienced professionals whom you can see in online, or in person at one of our locations.


Acuity Online Counseling is powered by VSEE, a HIPAA Compliant and secure telemedicine solution that undergoes regular security audits.



How do I get started?

Call us at (206) 910-9476 for a free assessment, details and Therapist matching. We’ll sign you up with an online account and get your first session scheduled. You’ll need to download the VSEE app, and sign-in for your sessions.

Will my insurance cover this?

Due to increased popularity, some insurance companies are moving towards paying for online sessions. Depending on your specific plan, your sessions may be covered.

Is this a monthly auto-renewal thing?

No, its not. You pay only for the sessions you attend, as you go.




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If you have questions and would like to talk about any of our counseling services, please reach out for a complimentary phone consultation or send us an email.

First Session Within 72 Hours of Calling

We book you an appointment within 24 hours of contacting us (usually less) and make sure your first appointment is soon after.

Call Us: 206-910-9476

for Billing questions call:


Use our Online Scheduling Tool or call our office to schedule your appointment, or for any changes regarding scheduling.

Call Us: 206-910-9476


Counseling services are often covered in full or in part by your health insurance company. Acuity Counseling of Seattle and Bellevue Washington are in-network providers for most major health insurance companies including:



First Choice

Kaiser HMO/Core/PPO



United Behavioral Health

If we are not a in-network provider with your insurance plan you may still be able to use your insurance benefits for counseling services. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions

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